At The Meadow we encourage families and friends to be as involved in the burial process as they care to be. However I must warn you that it is not as easy as you might think! If you do want to open the grave yourself, that means digging with shovels and pickaxes. You may not bring in your own back hoe.

NOTE: Digging a grave can be difficult. In Rockbridge County you never really know what you will encounter until you dig. So there is always the possibility that you will be unable to successfully dig and/or cover your loved one’s grave.

Intentions are not always achievable. So to ensure that a grave is dug properly and on time and then covered before closing the same day of the interment, we will have our professional digger and machinery on site or on call.

If you are successful, we will return $400 of the Interment Fee. That is the portion of the Internment Fee that covers opening and closing the grave. (The Interment Fee covers many more services than just the digging and filling. See Services & Fees.